6 trendy prints to try this summer

6 trendy prints to try this summer

Summer is our favorite season because summer sewing projects don’t require too much time. If your to-sew list is full of patterns but you’re still thinking about how to make them fun and trendy, today’s digest will surely give you a few fresh ideas. Let’s talk prints that are in this summer. We’ve gathered all the latest trends and we’re ready to share, as always. Keep scrolling!

Yes, yes, yes! The leopard print is practically everywhere: on the panties, on the shoes… and on the panties and shoes all at once.

This one’s a bit retro: your grandpa might have worn these horizontal stripes on his polo tee. We should thank Miu Miu for this charming comeback. Have you put a piece of striped jersey in your cart yet?

This season, vertical stripes are thin. This print looks very much like the one on the classic men’s shirts or pajama pants.

If you’ve been swooning over that famous Julia Roberts look from “Pretty Woman” and waiting for polka dots to make a comeback, rejoice! Basically, every color combination of the polka dot print is now trendy.

Florals for summer? You know the answer. No big news, florals come back every summer. This year, fashion suggests we wear all kinds of flowers, from pastoral to unapologetically graphic.

The ombre gradient looks fun! Make this print the main character or use it as an accent.

Take a look at these prints when shopping for new fabrics. It’s a great opportunity to give your summer wardrobe a refreshment.

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