Онлайн выкройки стильной одежды от бренда Vikisews — купить и скачать в формате pdf

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VikiSews sewing patterns are not simply patterns, but the detailed sewing instructions. Starting at the cutting out stage, each step is described in great detail and is accompanied by a photo. There are also video tutorials that walk you through the most complex construction steps. Using our patterns you will be able to make anything from a sequin evening dress to a parka with your own hands.

VikiSews has a wide range of sewing patterns for women's, men's and children's garments. The women's pattern section is the most extensive. You can create any look with the help of our patterns based on your individual measurements!

The patterns range in difficulty levels and will cater to the complete beginners and the seasoned sewists alike. Our site also offers a selection of free patterns.

The women's patterns come in 10 sizes - 34-52 European - and 4 height groups, which will minimise the need for making adjustments and ensure a good fit on a range of individual figures. The patterns can be downloaded in pdf format and printed either on A4 paper on a standard printer or on A0 plotter paper in a copy shop.