What to wear on a summer date? TikTok will answer

What to wear on a summer date? TikTok will answer

It’s here! Tomorrow is the first day of summer, Saturday, time for picnics, dates, and gatherings. What to wear on a summer date? TikTok already knows the answer – the sundress history.

Good news for all of you who love to dress feminine: the sundress core is going to rule this summer. It’s a style with a whole philosophy behind it, and it allows you to dress like a lady and position yourself likewise. Keep scrolling!

The style is based on a type of sundress that is called a milkmaid dress. Its design is distinguished by a gathered top part of the bodice or a V-shape neckline, puff sleeves or cute straps. It can be decorated with plain buttons and be made of natural fabrics. The dress can have virtually any length.

Pay your attention to these dress patterns: Paris, Odelia, Marla, and Holly.

TikTokers claim that a sundress is the perfect choice if you’d like to meet someone or go on a date. It has the power to make any man swoon and speaks volumes about the wearer’s values as it is sexy and feminine, but not revealing.

Some sewing dress patterns for feminine outfits: Esther, Lorraine, Clarissa, or Alexia.

By the way, one of the most influential celebrities, actress Hunter Schafer, has already tried this look at Cannes. She walked the red carpet in a Prada milkmaid dress spruced up with a white bandanna tied around her head.

It is easy to repeat the ensemble with Vikisews patterns—we have many feminine and flirty dresses for you to choose from, including Cherry, Nola, Katniss, and Marielle dress sewing patterns.

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