Stylist picks to shop on Black Friday

Stylist picks to shop on Black Friday

When it is the last Friday of November – that means it’s Black Friday! At, more than 200 sewing patterns are 50% off and our heads are spinning! Well, sales are basically everywhere. If you’re contemplating what to buy, this digest is for you – we have asked our stylists to make a Black Friday cheat sheet that will help you make use of all the bargains. Keep scrolling!

We recommend diving into websites that offer things you actually need but they might be too expensive to buy when not on sale. Usually, it’s outerwear or fabrics that can be used to make it, or quality footwear and bags.

Black Friday is the perfect time to check out designer and high-quality brands as you can find some great deals and manage to add some quality items to your wardrobe.

Before you shop, analyze your wardrobe and decide what exactly you need, including color, shape, and texture. Your pick should fit you and your wardrobe. For example, you love wearing blazers during winter, so a loose-fitting coat would blend into your wardrobe better than a figure-hugging extra trendy one. If you’re on maternity leave or don’t work in the office often, look for comfy footwear that will serve you well every day.

For example, take a look at the coat sewing patterns and courses: Saana, Mared, Martina, and Marcheline.

Stock up on staples you tend to wear all the time: tops, t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, etc. For example, Lali long-sleeve top, Rory top, Nettie turtleneck sweater, and Gella T-shirt. These are the clothes that you always need. Make use of the discounts and treat yourself to high-quality basics that will make you happy. This won’t cost too much, but the quality will pay off.

Black Friday is the time to grab trendy things! However, we recommend choosing trends that will last longer than a couple of seasons. It’s hard to guess for sure, but we can at least try to figure out what’s declining and what seems to be in for a long time.

For instance, skip the cargo pants – this trend has gone past its peak and will only decline. Trends that were seen during the SS24 fashion shows will be a better choice. Consider taking a look at officecore, for example. Or try to pick up on some tricks from the fashion shows yourself so that you don’t repeat the trends but set them!

Here are some trendy shopping ideas:

  • shirt dresses (white in particular!)
  • sheer clothes or clothes with transparent details
  • pinafore dresses that can be worn as a second layer
  • micro shorts that can be worn with thick tights during winter
  • sheer skirts
  • maxi-length skirts. But look for suiting fabrics and leather instead of denim
  • clothes decorated with fringe
  • statement outerwear, such as shaggy fur coats, elaborate trench coats, decorated capes and wool coats
  • metallic texture

Scroll through these categories and find the best projects: dress sewing patterns, skirt sewing patterns, shorts sewing patterns, outerwear sewing patterns.

Most of us lack accessories as they’re not exactly a necessity. It’s time to splurge on something you’ve been wanting! Take a look at scarves, hats, and gloves that will polish your looks.

Consider spending some money on jewelry and look for interesting and creative items instead of basics. Jewelry shops usually offer good discounts during the Black Friday sale, so it’s time to check them out!

And make sure to scroll through all categories at the Vikisews website and shop your faves since we always have something interesting to offer you. Have fun!

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