Men’s Winter Fashion Guide 2023

Men’s Winter Fashion Guide 2023

Let’s take a look at menswear trends that men can actually wear, shall we? For instance, officecore is a hot trend now, and many men will appreciate this smart casual style that is also comfortable. Keep scrolling! 

Blazers are becoming more fitted, overshadowing the oversized ones. This doesn’t mean oversized fit is out – just that the choice is now wider. Note that fitted doesn’t mean almost too small – we’re not talking about those tight, figure-hugging blazers, we mean well-balanced, tailored, flattering ones.

There is also a fresh option for those who already have a classy tailored blazer – a blazer without lapels.

Coats with a bold, accentuated shoulder line will make masculinity extra chic and, frankly speaking, look amazing on anyone.

We’ve already talked about the maxi length – it’s trending for both men and women. If you have a choice, choose a long coat.

Shearling jackets are also among menswear and womenswear trends. It’s a warm and fun outerwear option to try this winter.

We’re obsessed with the officecore fashion. Add more elegance to the casual looks, make them gray, and then spice up with a classy tie. This core is going to stay with us for a long time, so consider learning how to sew tailored suits to dress your man and clients.

Statement belts are a fun trend that doesn’t require too much effort to sport. Try wearing several belts together if you want to take the trend to another level.

It’s also a major glove comeback – we’ve seen so many on the runways.

All kinds of overalls are in: denim ones, military or street-style, even silk ones. Young and brave guys might enjoy the trend.

Velvet has been taken from evening shadows to the light of day. Feel free to use it in everyday looks. How about making a velvet bomber jacket?

Fashion-forward men may like the supersized collars trend. Simply and eye-catching at the same time.

A stylish wardrobe is essential as it allows you to express your individuality while feeling confident and comfortable. Create an officecore look for your man using Vikisews patterns to make his day!

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