Garden of Time at 2024 Met Gala

Garden of Time at 2024 Met Gala

All fashion-savvy people know why the first Monday of May is important. This year, we all watched our favorite celebrities and influencers attend the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute on May 6th. As you may know, the Met Gala is a fundraising event held for the benefit of the mentioned Costume Institute, it marks the opening of the exhibition that influences the theme of the ball. This year’s exhibition is called “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion”. Be sure to check out the videos of the exhibits – they are mind-blowingly beautiful!

Now let’s talk Met Gala. The dress code theme was vaguely called “Garden of Time”, so we were expecting to see a myriad of flowers in all shapes and colors and archival dresses that would hint at the “time” aspect of the theme. As usual, some celebrities looked like they had never heard about this year’s dress code. But we’re here to show you the looks actually worth seeing. Keep scrolling!

The first thing that comes to mind if you think about the Met Gala theme are the terrarium dresses by Undercover that we discussed last Fall during the Paris Fashion Week. One of them was worn by Amelia Gray. To be honest, the dresses looked way more curious and intricate on the runway when they featured the inner lighting.

Two of the most memorable looks of the night were created by Balmain: Tyla’s sand dress and Elle Fanning’s glass dress with birds.

Zendaya chose a dress by Maison Margiela. Some criticized the look, but we think it’s interesting to look at and dissect. The actress actually had two outfits for the gala. Later she reappeared in an archive 1996 Givenchy gown designed by John Galliano and a 2007 Alexander McQueen headpiece. 

Kendall Jenner wore a vintage Givenchy dress created by Alexander McQueen. Nicole Kidman appeared in a recreation of a 1951 Balenciaga gown.

Lana Del Rey appeared in a dress curated by the new creative director for Alexander McQueen, Sean McGirr. It was inspired by another piece created by McQueen himself. The gown and look overall seemed appropriate for the event.

Emma Chamberlain appeared in an archive 2003 Jean Paul Gaultier dress.

Demi Moore walked the Gala’s carpet wearing a custom Harris Reed dress that was a reimagined version of the couture gown from the last collection. 

We also witnessed plenty of Loewe looks both on women and men. Check out the signature flower print from the FW2024 collection by JW Anderson.

Cynthia Erivo came dressed like a withering garden – the look was created by Thom Browne. Gigi Hadid also wore an astonishing look by the designer.

One more spectacular Loewe look was seen on Taylor Russel.

We have to admit that Kanye West, though scandalous and controversial, is a true trendsetter. Following his example, Taika Waititi was accompanied by his wife, Rita Ora, who was nearly naked. The couple wore a Marni look. Charli XCX also chose Marni – she sported a gown made with upcycled vintage t-shirts.

Kim Kardashian also walked the famous steps wearing Maison Margiela. The dress looked stunning and accentuated her waist, but failed to fit the gala’s theme.

The weirdest look of the night arguably was Doja Cat’s – she came wrapped in a wet t-shirt, accompanied by designer Guram Gvasalia. If they wanted to make a statement, the appearance failed to create the buzz they were going for. We have seen it all at Versace, Balenciaga, and Victor&Rolf. And how was it supposed to honor the “Garden of Time” theme? The singer changed the outfit but it didn’t seem to match the occasion either. Or maybe the idea was to represent being wet after the rain in the garden?

Met Gala’s themes always leave room for creativity, imagination, and interpretation. However, it looks like if they were framed less vaguely, the result would have been much more impressive and on par. On the other hand, not all celebrities like to dive into the philosophy and art of it all – it’s much easier to be either just beautiful or go full cringe. People will always find what to love or chastise. Share your thoughts on Vikisews Instagram page, we would love to hear your opinion!

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