Method dressing – a new marketing trend

Method dressing – a new marketing trend

During the “Barbie” promo we all noticed that the actors starring in the movie were dressed as they stepped out of the movie. Margot Robbie always looked like a real-life Barbie doll. The campaign started a new trend – the actors promoting the movie now dress according to the theme of the movie. After “Barbie”’s success, the trend was continued by “Dune: Part Two”. Today, we’re seeing the same way of dressing during the marketing campaign of “Challengers”. The movies have something – or rather, someone – in common. Zendaya stars in both of them and is famous for her red carpet appearances. Together, let’s take a look at the new outfits built by her and her stylist Law Roach. Keep scrolling!

The promotional campaign exists to attract viewers to the premiering movie, and dressing celebrities according to the movie aesthetic is also a marketing technique. The “Dune” determined the futuristic, extraterrestrial theme.

Usually, the stars wear archive gowns or custom-made outfits proposed by high-end brands that usually work with them.

For example, Zendaya’s first appearance during the “Dune” press tour was in a custom-made Torisheju dress. The other interesting futuristic gown was also made for the actress by Bottega Veneta. She also sported a Louis Vuitton number, but the archival futuristic look by Mugler became the most talked-about.

The other interesting take on futurism was a vintage Givenchy suit curated by Alexander McQueen in 1999 when he worked as a creative director for the brand.

Zendaya’s outfits for the “Challengers” campaign look drastically different. The vibe has become lighter, even her hair color looks lighter, as the movie’s theme is tennis. Everybody’s talking about her Loewe look by Jonathan Anderson – just look at those heels piercing through tennis balls! The custom-made Thom Browne dress with tennis ball embroidery is also the one to remember. And if you check out her appearance in archive Vivienne Westwood, you might recall the iconic Carrie Bradshaw dress.

The other looks we love to discuss are the vintage 1992 Ralph Lauren dress worn by Cindy Crawford, the custom-made polo dress by Jacquemus hinting at the tennis theme, and the sleek Brunello Cucinelli outfit featuring a polo shirt.

Can’t wait to see what’s next! But now we invite you to choose some Vikisews sewing patterns and create a beautiful outfit for yourself.

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