Animation’s impact on fashion

Animation’s impact on fashion

Do you remember how last year we looked at Barbie dolls dressed in designer garments including haute couture ones? The most famous doll got to flaunt gowns by Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Burberry, Vera Wang, Versace, Escada, and many more! Fashion had a great impact on the Barbie world. But does it happen the other way around? In today’s digest, we’ll see how fashion brands get influenced by fictional characters and try to collaborate with them. Keep scrolling!

Disney characters are arguably the most influential cartoon characters when it comes to fashion. For instance, Mickey and Minnie Mouse were featured in collections of Gucci and Moschino. Balenciaga, too, recently released shoes that looked like Minnie’s. 

The Japanese character Hello Kitty was born in 1974 – this year she celebrates her 50th birthday. In fact, Hello Kitty wasn’t originally a cartoon character, it was a souvenir mascot that was then turned into an anime character because of its popularity. Hello Kitty’s fame made her a great source of inspiration for the fashion industry. Mass market retailers like H&M, Bershka, and Converse featured her image most often.

Yet another case of a super viral fashion item – and it was inspired by Astroboy. Remember those crazy red boots by MSCHF? All fashion influencers took pictures in them last year. And we collectively made fun of them. 

Sailor Moon is another anime character adored by the fashion industry. Jimmy Choo collaborated with the legendary animation and released shoes and accessories inspired by Sailor Moon. By the way, the anime characters actually loved to wear designer clothes themselves – the series creator took a lot of ideas from real-world fashion collections. For example, Serenity’s dress is basically the dress from Dior 1992. Other garments also refer to creations of Chanel and Saint Laurent.

Loewe collaborated with the universe created by Hayao Miyazaki. The collection was beautiful but unimaginative – we got to see character prints on clothes and accessories shaped like Ghibli characters.

Platform shoes that looked like they were created for real-life Bratz dolls were a hot trend in the past seasons. The thing is, it wasn’t a collaboration with Bratz but the shape of the shoes made everybody instantly think of them. It resulted in people calling the trend exactly that – Bratz doll shoes. Back then, many brands had shoes of a similar shape but the trend was originally set by Versace.

Cartoon characters on adult clothes don’t mean you’re naive or infantile. And they work really well if you’re striving to make your polished outfit a tad less serious. Don’t be afraid to play around! And choose Vikisews patterns for your creative projects.

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