Met Gala 2023 Outfit Review

Met Gala 2023 Outfit Review

Met Gala is a major fundraising fashion event that opens the annual Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute exhibition. Each year the gala celebrates a specific theme, and the guests are expected to match it. In 2023, the theme was Karl Lagerfeld’s legacy. His legacy is indeed huge, and that’s why celebrities were able to exercise their fashion imagination to the fullest. Let’s take a look at some of the ball’s stunners. Keep scrolling!

Karl Lagerfeld was a real freelancer in fashion. Besides his own brand, he was in charge of Chanel, Fendi, and Chloe where he left the legacy of iconic garments. Many celebrity guests appeared at the gala wearing archival gowns designed by Lagerfeld.

Many designers attempted to interpret Lagerfeld’s legacy. One of the key elements many decided to create upon was tweed – there were multiple show-stopping tweed looks by Thom Brown and everybody loved Versace’s tweed take on the iconic safety pin dress worn by Anne Hathaway. Jacquemus honored Lagerfeld's legacy by dressing Bad Bunny in a white backless suit that had a train decorated with flowers. This number was a multi-hommage: Karl Lagerfeld’s love of bridal aesthetics, Chanel’s trademark camellias, and a train like on Nicole Kidman’s dress in the Chanel No.5 commercial.

Karl Lagerfeld used to close his fashion shows with bridal looks, which was the reason this year’s Met Gala looked like a big wedding.

What can be better than dressing like the main character of the show? The critics admitted that Cara Delevigne showed arguably the best Lagerfeld cosplay.

Karl Lagerfeld left his entire fortune to his beloved cat Choupette, and that’s why everyone expected her to make an appearance at the event. The cat chose to spend time peacefully at home, far from the spotlight, but Jared Leto, Doja Cat, and Lil Nas X made sure nobody missed the legendary pet at the gala.

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