New styling tricks to try this winter

New styling tricks to try this winter

It’s hard to imagine the cold season without accessories, and this topic becomes relevant each autumn. This time, we won’t be talking about hats, scarves, and gloves you absolutely need to get to be trendy. In this digest, we’ll share some fresh styling tricks you might want to try this winter. Keep scrolling!

Check out the runways and street style photoshoots – the gigantic scarves are everywhere. And they’re so huge you might as well use them as a blanket. If you have one or you’re planning to get yourself one, wear it over the clothes, don’t hide it underneath.

Skinny scarves are back! Monochrome or printed, bright or neutral – choose any you like.

You can’t deny that a matching scarf looks gorgeous. Choose a color that matches your coat exactly or play with the color shades and intensity. Quiet luxury as it is.

Fashionistas who love eye-catching outfits will appreciate feather and fur scarves. What a fun styling trick for the winter!

This winter, choose gigantic handbags. And then wear them underarm, tight to the body, like a clutch. You can wear a soft shopper or a sculptural bag like this. By the way, we’re planning to release some accessory patterns that would fit this very trend soon.

Scarves have traveled from the last winter to the upcoming one. The trend isn’t so fresh but it’s still here to spruce up your outfits. When it comes to hats, there’s a whole selection of familiar designs to choose from, including beanies and corky bonnets. And if you’re thinking about adding some new garments to your wardrobe, take a look at the sewing patterns by Vikisews.

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