Top 7 shoe trends to try this Fall

Top 7 shoe trends to try this Fall

We have already figured out how to dress this Fall using Viksews patterns. But what about shoes? Thigh-high boots, cowboy boots, sock boots, ballet flats, fur shoes, Mary Jane shoes, and metallic shoes are still going strong, but is there anything new for us to try this upcoming cool season? In this digest, we’re introducing the hottest and freshest shoe trends for this Fall. Keep scrolling!

Chopper boots or motorcycle boots are a fresh alternative to cowboy and combat boots that have already become essentials. They work great if you pair them up with something contrasting in style and bare legs.

Denim footwear is a hot hot trend, be it pumps or high-knee boots. Such shoes fit into total denim looks and look amazing as a solo accent in the outfit.

Modern Klomp shoes look a lot like those traditional Dutch wooden shoes. If this option is a bit too extreme for you, opt for good old clogs – backless shoes with a wooden sole.

Square-toe shoes are not on top of trends anymore – sharp-point shoes are coming to replace them! And we just got used to them… or not? :)

Do you remember how we claimed peep-toe shoes cringey a couple of years ago? Well, they’re not anymore. The trend is as fresh as it can be, so don’t rush to embrace it right away. But these shoes are coming our way for sure, and Miu Miu proves that. Get ready to exercise this aesthetic!

Not only feminine shoe options come on wedges but heavy ones, too. For instance, COACH showed us combat boots on a wedge sole. Now that’s what we call a fashion twist!

Buckles of all kinds and sizes are not decorating sandals and shoes only but classy footwear and boots, too. What a chic and modern way to spice up your casual shoes.

As you can see, there are plenty of options to choose from. You can opt for the safer ones that have been in vogue for several seasons or go for the hottest trends if you prefer to be among the bravest few. The main thing is to enjoy yourself!

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