Top 5 trending textures for spring

Top 5 trending textures for spring

The spring drops are on the Vikisews website! Let’s take a look at the trendiest textures of this season and see which ones you can add to your wardrobe. Keep scrolling!

The trendiest texture of the season! Everything denim is what’s in vogue – clothes, outerwear, footwear, bags, and accessories. The total denim looks will be especially hip. You can choose one shade of denim or mix several shades in one outfit – ripped and Y2K-style worn-in denim is hot now as well.

Check these patterns: Heidi playsuit, Blythe pants, Cameron skirt.

Silver, gold, and all metallics in general are trending, too. Such an item will be the accent of your outfit, so pair it up with simple minimalistic clothes if you’d rather not look like a candy wrapper :) For instance, combine metallic pants with a simple tee. Have fun! Just try not to go overboard with the shine.

Look at these: Candice pants, Annette skirt, Gladys coat.

Sheer skirts, blouses, and dresses are hot hot hot – in every sense. All the extravagant and brave girls out there will appreciate this trend – wear sheer clothes on the naked body for the party look or put on some fancy or creative underwear underneath. If this trend feels a bit too much for you, throw on something eye-catching on top, like an oversized masculine blazer. You can also opt for a two-layer transparent blouse or choose a garment with flounce decor at the bust area.

Try these blouses: Sumaya, Mallory, Liza.

If you are all about experimenting or you are just tired of good-old classic leather, consider choosing its patent counterpart. Use to sew whatever comes to your creative mind – skirts, pants, or trench coats. However, make sure you don’t overdo this one as well. One accent clothing item in your casual city outfit will be just enough.

Pay attention to the sewing patterns of Ilana skirt, Helen dress, and Peyton trench coat.

Fringe has made a huge comeback. But not that Western movie one, but more of a Roaring Twenties version. Take a look at minimalistic knit dresses or skirts with such decor.

So have you managed to put the spring wardrobe puzzle together yet? Give our new and old patterns a look and let’s sew!

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