Top 5 stylist-approved looks

Top 5 stylist-approved looks

You must have already noticed that the team of Vikisews stylists is very involved in the company life and regularly takes part in creating content for our socials. We asked our head stylist Polina which sewing patterns she would choose for her outfits and made a list of the top 5 stylist-approved looks. Just in case you’d want to recreate them ;) Keep scrolling!

Maxi skirts came to smash the minis. Polina chose a maxi denim skirt to pair up with good old basics, like a plain tee. Take a look at these models: Cameron, Blake, and Jane.

An oversized maxi leather trench coat is not only super trendy, it actually goes really well with many clothes you might already have. That’s why it’s easy to create various outfits with that kind of trench coat in the lead fashion role.

For example, Idayne sewing course, Peyton and Sybil trench coat sewing patterns.

Oversized bomber jackets have become a wardrobe staple. The short ones, on the contrary, are a new trend. The short leather bombers that look worn-in are especially trendy. Check out the Maidy bomber jacket next week if you’re a fashionista who appreciates that style.

Corsets and bustier tops don’t look revolutionary in today’s fashion, but the trend is much-loved by Polina. Bustier tops like the Slaine, Gera, or the Tally look equally great if you add them to your casual or party looks.

The parachute pant trend is simply meant to fit into your modern wardrobe puzzle. Wear the pants with high heels or with comfy sneakers. Consider giving this trend a try before it becomes mainstream.

When choosing sewing patterns, think about the mood and image you’d like to create and visit the Vikisew Patterns catalog. :)

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