Trendy outerwear for FW 2023/2024

Trendy outerwear for FW 2023/2024

Fall has officially come! You are provided with awesome Vikisews patterns that will make your Fall super trendy and cozy. But the colder weather is coming, too – which means it’s time to think about outerwear. In this digest, we’ll explore the trendiest outerwear options for the FW 2023/2023 season. Keep scrolling!

Leather everything is trending now – leather trench coats, and especially leather coats. Distressed leather is extra hot now, but a smooth one will be a great choice, too. Try these sewing patterns for coats to meet this trend: Trinity, Gladys, and Aurelia.

Quilted jackets are still in. Wear Cheryl and Gail jackets and a Villanelle coat in the demi-season, while it’s still not too cold outside.

Floor-length coats are a hot trend. But the regular maxi length is simply more practical. Take a look at these maxi coat patterns: Saana, Mared, or Hayden.

Duffle coats are making a comeback this season. It’s a cool option if you’re tired of boring trench coats and coats.

Bomber jackets aren’t a fresh trend, but they’re still able to make you the most stylish in town. We have Maidy cropped bomber and Romy classic bomber patterns.

Moto jackets are a great alternative to good old leather jackets. If you have a leather jacket and strive to find something new and sassy, opt for the moto jacket. But remember that moto jackets are a micro trend that will possibly fade away soon, while leather jackets are a timeless staple.

The other fresh option is a short trench coat. You can create a cropped version of any trench coat pattern, for example, Dolores, Peyton, or Sybil.

Patch pockets were all over the place on the runways. It’s time to embrace your inner electrician and make yourself a cargo jacket :D

If it gets really cold where you live, consider getting yourself a vintage-looking shearling jacket or a fuzzy fur coat. It will be trendy, cozy, and warm – a win-win situation, no less. We suggest you sew an Eiza shearling jacket, a Faith fuzzy fur coat, and a Uma puffer coat.

Get ready for the cold season with Vikisews! We have everything to build a gorgeous capsule wardrobe for Fall.

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