Full butt pattern adjustment

Full butt pattern adjustment

Let’s say you have a beautiful round booty and you struggle to find a well-fitting skirt in the store. And if you try to sew it yourself, the fittings make you go mad.

If this sounds familiar, you’ll recognize these symptoms: the back skirt rides up and looks shorter than the front, and the side seams have shifted towards the back. Everything looks fine at the waist, but the back view is horrendous – enter diagonal and horizontal folds below the waistband.

The thing is, at the stores, they sell skirts that were drafted for average bodies, and such bodies don’t feature challenging curves.

So what can you do? Learn how to sew skirts and adjust them to fit you! The things we do to highlight our assets :)

By the way, if you’re reading this out of idle curiosity but actually struggling with the very opposite issue, make sure to check out our article on flat butt adjustment.

Now we are going to take a look at how to alter a straight-cut skirt with three waist darts pattern. Double benefit if you actually try it as you read! Take a skirt pattern you like and let the magic begin.

  1. Raise the upper edge of the back skirt by 1–1.5 cm (3/8–5/8”) at the center, gradually tapering the raise towards the side seam.
  2. Make the back skirt 2 cm (3/4”) wider at the waist and taper down along the side seam, into the original hipline. This means you need to move the upper section of the side seam outwards.
  3. Add a second dart to the back skirt. The intake should equal 2 cm (3/4”) – that’s the number we used to increase the waistline. The new dart should be 3–4 cm (1 1/8–1 5/8”) shorter than the original one. Add this new dart between the back waist dart and the side seam.
  4. Close the darts and measure the length of the altered waistline. It should be equal to the original waistline length with the waist dart closed.

The final step is to find the right fabric, cut it and sew the skirt. We’re officially announcing the end of the skirt disappointment era! No more fruitless shopping, no more struggling when sewing. Have you decided to put your new skill into practice yet? Choose your skirt.

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