Harry Potter, AI, fashion, and new shows

Harry Potter, AI, fashion, and new shows

Have you heard that there will be a new show on Harry Potter? J.K. Rowling will be consulting the showrunners so that the plot is in line with the books. Who is going to play our favorite characters has not been revealed yet, but we know for sure that Harry Potter is not only the boy who lived – he is a real trendsetter, too.

When collabs and merch stop amazing people, AI comes into play. Right now, Harry Potter fans are trying to imagine how the Hogwarts students would look if they were into fashion. Why not? The wizards created by J.K. Rowling could as well be fashion influencers. Keep scrolling!

Even though many people thought that Louis Vuitton collaborated with the Harry Potter World, it turned out to be just a creative Midjourney prompt. The pictures created by artificial intelligence showed us how fashion-forward the Hogwarts students can be: catching the Hogwarts Express with LV bags, casting spells with designer wands… even the Sorting Hat succumbed to the logomania trend.

Somewhere in the parallel universe, Harry Potter characters would definitely nail the model casting for one of the most hip brands of our time  – Balenciaga. Neural network dressed the characters in black: sunglasses, oversized hoodies, leather, and all the other Balenciaga staples.

Although It was not the first time the fashion world and the Harry Potter world collided. For the Harry Potter 20th Anniversary (we know right?) Vogue USA invited artist Sidney Prawatyotin to imagine what famous fashion designers would be doing at Hogwarts. Turned out, Demna Gvasalia would take part in the Triwizard Tournament with Cedric Diggory, Marc Jacobs would accompany Fleur Delacour to the Yule Ball, Raf Simmons would be teaching Potions, and Rick Owens would escape Azkaban with Bellatrix Lestrange. What do you think? Did the artist hit the bull’s eye?

However, not only AI is playing around with Harry Potter. The Redmi company recently announced the launch of the limited Note 12 Turbo Harry Potter Edition smartphone. The name itself reminds us of the wizarding brooms. The invitation to the smartphone presentation included a wand, a robe, a crystal ball, and a Hogwarts acceptance letter.

Merch, collabs, and all things creative are always fun. Especially when there’s meaning to them. And how awesome it is to feel yourself a wizard of some sort, too, because you are able to create clothes and your own meanings using trendy sewing patterns and fabric. If it’s not real-life magic, what is?

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