5 spectacular collabs between artists and fashion designers

5 spectacular collabs between artists and fashion designers

Many times art and fashion work as a perfect duo. Designers get inspired by famous artworks, and sometimes – if the stars align and the geniuses live at the same time – they pair up with artists for collaborations. Usually, it results in spectacular and memorable projects. Learn about some of them in today's digest. Keep scrolling!

A duo between Elsa Schiaparelli and Salvador Dalí is believed to be the very first collaboration between art and fashion. Two brilliant surrealists – one from the fashion world and one from the art world – never feared stepping outside the framework of the ordinary. Together they created the forever legendary items. In his art, Dalí experimented with shapes and matter, while Schiaparelli aimed to change the way we perceive clothing. As a result of their co-creation, the world will always remember the silk organza Lobster Dress, the Tears Dress, the Skeleton Dress, and the Shoe Hat.

Who was next?

Yves Saint Laurent admired Piet Mondrian, the Dutch painter, and that’s why one of his most famous collections (The Fall-Winter 1965 collection) was dedicated to the painter. The famous trapeze cocktail dress that looked like it was composed of several different pieces directly referenced Piet Mondrian’s works and became iconic.

In the early 1990s, Gianni Versace dedicated a whole collection, The Pop Collection, to Andy Warhol’s art. The collection featured dresses with pop art-inspired prints, including the famous dress with Marilyn Monroe and James Dean images.

In 2019 Kim Jones, the creative director of Dior Men, collaborated with Hajime Sorayama, the Japanese illustrator famous for his “superrealistic” erotic portrayals of feminine robots. A gigantic female robot was the highlight of the fashion show. The collaboration wasn’t Sorayama’s first experience designing for fashion – in 1995, he, alongside Thierry Mugler, had created a suit for the Fall-Winter 1995 collection. Back then, the Japanese illustrator dressed a human model in cyborg armor for Mugler.

The collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama is developing these days right before our eyes. The brand has released a collection featuring Kusama’s signature dot pattern. However, this collaboration between the Japanese artist and Louis Vuitton isn’t the first. Back in 2012, when Marc Jacobs was in charge of the brand, he also partnered up with Yayoi Kusama. That alliance was recognized as one of the most successful cooperations between art and fashion.

At Vikisews, we know firsthand that creativity always demands expression. It doesn’t matter whether you express yourself through painting, designing, styling, or sewing – tap into your creative genius to feel happy and whole. And sometimes turn to famous artworks to get inspired and make your own collaborations.

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