Winter 2022 Accessory Trends

Winter 2022 Accessory Trends

The right accessories are capable of turning a simple outfit into the trendiest one. Hats, scarves, and mittens can — and will! — elevate your style. In this week’s digest, we’ll share a few must-try accessory options for those of you who want to look their finest (and trendiest) this Winter.

The naïve hats that bring back childhood memories have already outshined balaclavas. Monochrome or with a funky print, and definitely with ties — choose the one which brings you the most joy. Just make sure you carry your ID because bonnets tend to make people look a couple of years younger. 

If a plain bonnet doesn’t look fun enough for you, we suggest going a step further and trying out the trendiest hat of the season — a knitted bonnet with ear flaps. The hottest trend so far. And the cutest.

This winter, choose fur or puffer mittens to keep your hands warm. Many of us are tired of uncertain and unstable adult life — and fashion seems to mirror that by bringing back childlike items.

This season, don’t hesitate and wear the puffer boots in the city. Opt for silver, heavy, and unconventional boots that look futuristic if you want to create a chic look. Those are also good to jump into your lunar rover and ride off into the sunset when all your problems become too much. Just kidding. Or are we?

Put your ID card in the handmade bag when you’re going to wear a cute knitted bonnet. And the bag should be huge! It can be made of old jeans, it can be knitted and intricate — but first of all, it has to be handmade, or look like it’s handmade.

No fur bag will be left untouched… because they’re just so soft and fluffy. The fur bags are also functional, so consider getting yourself one to wear this winter.

The long scarves with gloves attached are basically portable hugs that are always with you.

Gigantic scarves — some designers suggest we wear even two at the same time — are warm and stylish. Solid color scarves and logo or check scarves are the most trendy this winter.

The list is full of safe but stylish accessory options. If you’re not quite ready to wear a bonnet, choose a basic beanie. However, we’re sure that fur bags and long scarves will appeal to many. Besides, we have a detachable hood Roni sewing pattern that fits any coat perfectly and keeps your hair neat. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

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