The trendiest clothing combinations for Fall 2022

The trendiest clothing combinations for Fall 2022

Today we’ll look at ways to style your fall outfits. Chances are you already have most of the clothes from the list or plan to sew them — that’s why recreating the outfits you like will be a breeze. Keep scrolling!

We often say that it doesn’t matter whether you prefer slim-fit or oversized clothes — it depends on your taste and personal preferences. But it’s important to keep an eye on the design and the cut. The latest trends are:

  • maxi length
  • micro mini
  • low-rise bottoms
  • humble tank tops
  • wide-leg jeans and pants
  • cuts and slits
  • naked stomach
  • spliced and patchwork pieces
  • deconstructed clothes with “torn off” separated sleeves and pant legs
  • puffer coats that accentuate the waist

If these trends speak to you, consider checking out Vikisews patterns: Peyton trench coat, Karen and Daphna trousers, Nettie sweater, Gail jacket, Caroline, Becky, Andie, Suri, and Leora dresses, Kendall, Terry long sleeve tops.

The trendiest texture is the one that helps you create complex and eye-catching looks.

Right now, there’s a lot of denim on the runway. The Canadian tuxedo — aka all-denim look — will be especially chic. However, you can just use denim fabric to make something less usual — a shirt or a sundress, for example.

Faux leather continues its reign. Integrate faux leather pieces into your outfit, or opt for a total look. By the way, consider giving color a chance.

Transparency is a trend popularizing this fall. Tap into it and sew blouses and dresses with sheer fabrics. If that’s a little extreme for you — you can always wear a bodysuit underneath.

And lastly, let’s take a look at some styling hacks. Maybe some of them will inspire you to try something new. The biggest styling tricks today are:

  • tying a shirt around the waist so that it peeks out from underneath the jacket
  • going all in on layers: a cropped top + a loose-fitting shirt + an oversized jacket; wearing a skirt over a pair of pants or a top/bustier top over a shirt
  • mixing up accent styles in one look
  • wearing socks with dress shoes

To whip out these looks, you’ll need a simple set of patterns: Cynthia blouse, Gera bustier top, Ariadna blazer, Karen trousers, Tally bustier top, Kaia blouse, Madison jacket, Veronica tank top.

Accessories are essential if you aim to spice up your looks and make them look polished. This fall wear:

  • leg warmers and thick stockings
  • belts, several at once
  • “armor” — corsets and bustiers that look like armor
  • decorative flowers — on your neck or wrist, as a brooch

These accessories will surely make you smile even on the gloomiest day of the fall and set you up for success — at work, at home, and in sewing.

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