How to choose the height group

How to choose the height group

Vikisews patterns come with 4 different height groups. What is it for and how to choose the right one?

When the height group isn’t yours, the waistline or the hip line may not match your body. The sleeves will be too long/short or bust darts will be higher or lower than needed. Therefore our design dept works not only with size fitting but drafts patterns separately to match the height better.

The height group of the pattern is related to the balance measurements — Back waist length (BWL) and Front waist length (FWL) ie in the height group 170+ cm they ​​will be greater than in 162 cm. Paying attention not only to typical circumferences and height but also to these values will help you to get garments with a good fit.

There are 4 ranges of height in Vikisews patterns

  • 154-160
  • 162-168
  • 170-176
  • 178-184

How to choose the right one?

1. Compare your height measurement to the values in the table and choose the most appropriate one. If your height falls in between groups, for example, 161 cm, choose the group 154-160 cm. If it’s 169cm, then choose 170-176 cm. It will be enough for newbie sewists.

2. If you are an advanced tailor, check the correspondence of your personal BWL and FWL to the typical ones. Sometimes it is better to take a larger or smaller range depending on the figure proportions.

How to correlate your measurements with the data in the table? Let us show you.


height 160 cm

size 38 (according to the bust circumference)

BWL — 41 cm

FWL — 42.5 cm

BWL for size 38 in height 160 cm is 40.2 cm, FWL — 41 cm. Compare the typical and real values and you’ll see given balance measurements are not for the 1st height group and it’s better to choose the 2nd one (in size 38, 2nd height FWL is 42 cm, and BWL — 41.2 cm). Your garment will fit better. The sleeves or length may need to be shortened a little but it will fit better overall.

NOTICE! Height adjustment can only be made in the range of +/- 1 height group (ie you cannot “jump” from the 1st to the 3rd group; if it is so, the measurements might have been taken incorrectly).

Go by your height only when choosing a height group bottom garments (skirts, pants).

Need help choosing your size? Read “How to choose the right size”.