How to choose the right size

How to choose the right size

If your measurements don’t fall into the same size according to our size table, then pay attention to these few points and rules to make the right choice.

1. Forget about sizes you usually choose in mass-market because each brand has its own size chart.

2. Choose the size of Vikisews patterns strictly based on your measurements of bust, waist, and hips according to the size table on every page with a pattern.

3. It is important to take the bust circumference measurement in the bra you will wear under the garment.

Some examples for you to clear it up.

Bust — 84 cm

Waist — 64 cm

Hips — 93 cm

The bust and waist fit size 36 and the hips are closer to 38. You should remember these 2 rules to choose your size correctly:

  • use the bust circumference measurement to choose the size for top garments (dress, jacket, coat, etc.);
  • use the hip circumference measurement to choose the size for bottom garments (pants, skirts, shorts, etc.).

So, here we take size 36 for a dress and 38 — for pants.

But then the pants will be wide at the waist level! Yes. We should correct it to our parameters.

If your measurements are slightly different from our size chart, make a muslin! Even if your measurements are the same as in the size chart, make a muslin anyway! For what purpose?

1. To make adjustments to the pattern in advance (remove the volume in the waist, for example) instead of struggling to fix it in the finished garment.

2. You can check whether the style suits you. Maybe this piece of precious cotton should be used for something else.

Sew the muslin in a fabric similar to your fashion fabric in its properties. This will give you a better understanding of fit.

Also, pay attention to the ease allowance in the model description not to face the problem “expectations vs reality”, when you expected a close-fitting dress and got an oversized one. We’ve already written about it here: “Ease allowance”.

Need help choosing your height group? Read “How to choose the right height group”.