How to embroider hearts

How to embroider hearts

Check out how you can add a cute little heart to any garment. Today, our sewing hacks post offers a simple embroidery tutorial that will add some flair to your jeans, shirt, or tank top.

1️. Tie a knot at one end of the embroidery floss. Make the first stitch, bringing the needle from the wrong side to the right side of the fabric.

2️. Move 1 cm (3/8”) to the side and make the second stitch. Don’t pull the thread tight; instead, create a small loop.

3️. Make the third stitch below the previous ones, right in the center.

4️. Place the loop below your remaining thread and pull it tight, creating a V-shaped stitch.

5️. Drop a stitch below, shaping the middle of the heart.

6️. Make a stitch at an angle to connect the previous stitches, but don’t pull it too tight.

7️. Slightly pull the thread to the side, forming half of the heart shape. Secure the shape with two more stitches. Do the same on the other side to outline the heart.

8️. Fill the outlined heart with stitches.

9️. If you want, you can apply a small piece of interfacing to the back of the embroidery. Secure it around the edges, careful not to iron directly on the embroidery.

A fantastic way to spice up a basic piece. Maybe even a denim jacket or a trench coat?

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