How to finish an inside corner on the overlocker

How to finish an inside corner on the overlocker

Here is a series of useful posts on how to finish pieces on the overlocker as part of our sewing hacks. Today we are sharing how to finish an inside corner on the overlocker. Next, we'll share techniques on how to overlock an outside corner as well as how to sew in a circle. Keep reading!

1️. Finish one side of the corner on the overlocker. Pause the stitching once the corner gets close to the end of the needle plate. This prevents damaging the other side of the corner.

2️. Lay the fabric into a straight line, creating a fold. Ensure the needles will stitch over the edge of the piece and there will be no holes.

3️. Secure the folded fabric with your fingers and continue stitching at a steady pace along the entire length of the second edge. Ensure you place the stitches close to the edge of the fabric.

4️. Give the finished corner a good press. There should be no folds or wrinkles left after the pressing.

Have you tried this technique before? Are you eager to find out how to finish the edges of a piece in a circle?

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