How to make a lapped seam

How to make a lapped seam

Using a lapped (a.k.a. flat and fell) seam when sewing knits is a great alternative for those of you who don’t own an overlocker. This is our new tutorial, part of the Vikisews sewing hacks series. Here it comes!

1️. Place the main pieces wrong sides together, offsetting the top piece by 0.7 cm (just over 1/4") from the edge.

2️. Press the bottom free edge toward the top main piece. Pin or hand-baste in place.

3️. Spread the main pieces and then fold the seam allowances once again. Hand-baste in place.

4️. Secure the seam allowances along the fold, using a zigzag stitch on the sewing machine.

This technique ensures a beautiful and neatly-finishes seam that is still elastic and practical! Cool, right?

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