Cinched wrist on a lace sleeve

Cinched wrist on a lace sleeve

Check out this sweet sleeve hem you can create for your blouses or dresses!

Today, in our sewing tutorial, we’ll show you how to finish off a lace sleeve with a casing at the wrist.

  1. Start by stitching a ribbon onto the right side of the lace to create a channel. Run the stitching lines 1 mm from the edges on both sides to form a channel (casing). Give it a good press.
  2. Feed a piece of elastic thread through the casing you’ve created. You can use a large needle, pushing it through with the blunt end, or a small hair pin. Be sure to measure out a comfortable length of elastic for your wrist beforehand.
  3. Fold the sleeve piece right sides together, match the ends of the casing, and sew the edges together all the way down.

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