How to make an appliqué with scrap threads

How to make an appliqué with scrap threads

Stay stylish while saving the planet! Using scrap threads to create an appliqué is an amazing upcycling idea! We are not the ones to throw anything away, are we?

You are going to need adhesive-backed water-soluble stabilizer. this can usually be found among embroidery supplies in fabric and sewing stores.

1️. Arrange tangled threads in a desired shape on the sticky side of the stabilizer. Let your imagination run wild!

2️. Cover the thread with another layer of adhesive-backed stabilizer. Glue the layers together.

3️. Sew through the layers on a sewing machine, following the shape of your appliqué. The stitching lines should be as close to each other as possible to make the patch solid. Use a quilting foot if you have one.

4️. Put your creation under running water and keep it there until the water-soluble stabilizer completely disappears.

5️. Dry the appliqué piece and then attach it to your favorite garment or to an oh-so-boring white t-shirt.

How do you like the idea?

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