How to quickly hem your jeans with the original hem

How to quickly hem your jeans with the original hem

How to quickly hem your jeans with the original hem? Check out our sewing tutorial!

Begin by putting on your jeans and determining your desired length.

  1. Pin the hem.
  2. Take off the jeans and measure the hem allowance.
  3. Fold the jeans in half, with the front facing you.
  4. Using a ruler, draw a straight line parallel to the bottom line of the jeans, at a distance equal to the hem allowance + 1.5 cm (5/8”) (the original hem).
  5. Transfer the markings to the other leg of the jeans.

How to sew the hem?

1️. Fold the jeans hem so that the bottom edge lines up with the marked line. Pin or press the fold in place, matching the side and crotch seams.

2️. Stitch a straight line around the hem on the sewing machine, securing the fold. Stitch along the edge of the original hem, about 1mm below the topstitching line.

3️. Fold the original hem towards the bottom of the garment and check the result on the right side. The topstitching line should be visible and the side and crotch seams should match.

4️. If on the wrong side there’s excess fabric of more than 1.5 cm (5/8”), cut it off and overlock the edge. If the excess is less than 1.5 cm (5/8”), you can leave it like that. For children’s jeans, it’s better not to cut off any excess to allow for growth.

5️. Fold the hem allowance upwards and press in place to prevent it from showing on the right side of the garment above the topstitching line.

6️. Press the finished hem from the right side of the garment.

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