How to finish a Helen dress neckline

How to finish a Helen dress neckline

Remember the Helen dress that came in two different options, denim and faux leather? It has a really cool neckline! If you want to add the same style to your denim dress, here’s how.

  1. Reinforce the slit facing piece with fusible interfacing. Place the interfacing with the fusible side down onto the wrong side of the fabric and press without steam to fuse it on.
  2. Trim off the excess interfacing with scissors.
  3. Overlock the raw edge of the slit facing from the right side and press it down.
  4. Mark the outlines and the center line of the slit on the wrong side of the slit facing piece.
  5. Mark the center line on the right side of the front piece.
  6. Place the slit facing and front pieces right sides together, aligning the center lines. Secure with pins, matching the neckline edges.
  7. Stitch the pieces together with a single seam. At the corners, place the needle in the down position, raise the presser foot, pivot the fabric, lower the foot back, and continue stitching.
  8. Cut the slit along the center line, starting at the neckline and going downwards. Stop 0.5−1 cm (1/4”−3/8”) short of the lower stitching line. Make snips towards the corners. Be careful not to cut the seam. You’re going to end up with a small triangle of fabric at the bottom of the slit.
  9. Press the slit seam allowances open. Then press them towards the facing.
  10. Understitch the seam allowances to the slit facing at 1−2 mm from the seam.
  11. Turn the slit facing to the wrong side of the dress.
  12. Smooth out the corners at the bottom of the slit.
  13. Press, rolling the seam by 1 mm towards the slit facing.
  14. Hand-baste in place. If necessary, mark the topstitching line on the right side of the garment with tailor’s chalk. 15. Topstitch all around the slit.
  15. Press the neckline slit area.It’s going to look really trendy and chic!

Sew the Helen dress for a wonderful update to your wardrobe.

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