How to sew double-welt pocket

How to sew double-welt pocket

For many, just the thought of sewing a pocket sends a chill down their spine. But overall, if you have the instructions, a visual reference, and the desire to try it a couple of times on a sample, you will learn it, and you won’t fear it anymore.

Today’s episode of the Vikisews sewing hacks series is all about a double-welt pocket.

  1. Interface the pocket placement area from the wrong side. You can also interface the welt pieces.
  2. Fold each welt piece in half lengthwise, right side out, and press the center fold.
  3. Mark the pocket on the garment piece, making the lines 3−5 cm (1 1/8−2”) longer than the pocket itself. Mark the welt placement as well.
  4. Place the welts to the garment piece one by one, following the marking. Stitch in place over the traced lines, making sure your stitching stays within the marked pocket area.
  5. Cut the pocket open from the wrong side, right along the center line, starting and stopping 1−1.5 cm (about 1/2”) away from the pocket’s side edges. Clip diagonally into the pocket corners, stopping close to the seam.
  6. Flip both welts around to the wrong side of the garment piece, smooth out the corners, and press well.
  7. Stitch the small fabric triangles to the welts, thus finishing the side edges of the pocket.
  8. Place the pocket bag to the lower seam allowance of the pocket. Align the edges and join the pieces by stitching right over the previous seam or 1 mm to the right of it.
  9. Fold the pocket bag piece upwards, align the edges. Press the fold at the bottom of the pocket bag. Match the upper seam allowance of the pocket with the free edge of the pocket bag and join the pieces by stitching right over the previous seam or 1 mm to the right of it.
  10. Stitch the sides of the pocket bag.
  11. Secure the pocket bag in place by stitching 5 mm (just under 1/4”) away from the top edge.

‌How do you feel about sewing pockets? :)

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