How to make raised embroidery

How to make raised embroidery

Raised embroidery can make your garment really stand out. Or become your hallmark if you sew for money. A new sewing tutorial is here!

1️. Mark an embroidery pattern or letters on a garment piece. If the pattern is large, it is better to interface the piece on the wrong side.

2️. Thread the machine in your usual way. Use thick topstitching thread. We recommend using AURORA 30-wt thread. The thick thread should only be used for the needle, while regular thread is better for the bobbin.

3️. You’ll also need an additional guiding thread. Fold it in half, thread both ends through the eye of the needle, and make a stitch at the beginning of the pattern. Pass the needle through the loop and tighten the thread.

4️. Place the piece under the presser foot, lower the needle, making sure to hit the center of the knot (anchor). Bring the two thread ends up from under the presser foot and place them on both sides of the needle. You can lower the presser foot. Hold the thread ends with both hands.

5️. Cross the threads in front of the needle and secure them in place by sewing ONE stitch on the machine. Once again, with the needle in the low position, cross the threads and secure them with a stitch. Repeat the same while going all along the marked lines.

6️. At the corner, lower the needle, lift the presser foot, pivot the fabric so that the needle remains between the threads, lower the foot, cross the threads, and continue working. Do the same at the curved areas, pivoting the fabric slightly under the presser foot. IMPORTANT! You should work at a slow speed! The safest way to sew stitches is by using the handwheel.

7️. At the end, bring the thread ends to the wrong side using a needle and tie them off securely together with the bobbin thread.

In this way, the threads will be beautifully interwoven and you’ll create an amazing piece of raised embroidery with a straight stitch on your sewing machine.

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