Soccercore – get your T-shirts ready!

Soccercore – get your T-shirts ready!

There are so many fashion cores these days! We have already looked into some of them – barbiecore, mermaidcore, and romcomcore – as well as the other micro trends in our previous digests. But it feels like new cores emerge every day, and that’s why we always have something curious to share with you. In fact, micro trends and micro styles have already replaced trends as we know them. And experts say the tendency will remain.

Fashion cores are basically any styling concepts that get viral. And trendsetters from TikTok don’t ever stop – they just keep inventing new aesthetics that are meant to become popular.

Meet the newest fashion core – Soccercore! It is a super popular aesthetic inspired by sports. Keep scrolling!

Being a soccer fan has never been this trendy. Soccer jerseys and shorts have officially stepped outside the soccer fields and sneaked into the city: we can see them paired with casual jackets, blazers, and jeans. Well, we’re not exactly suggesting anything… but it seems like it’s time to check out the “Patterns for knits” section and find yourself some shorts, sweatshirts, and tees. Or visit the soccer gear store :) 

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