Summer 2023 accessory trends

Summer 2023 accessory trends

Even if you’ve got your summer wardrobe all planned – frankly speaking, you can simply build it with Vikisews patterns, what about the accessories? What are the trends? In this post, we’re digging deeper than just jewelry, shoes, and bags. Find out about all the accessory trends of this summer and make your choice. Keep scrolling!

A belt as the main focus of your look sounds fresh! It can be one really wide belt, or multiple at a time, or even a belt instead of a crop top – give these options a try! We’ve got a fun twist on this accessory coming soon. Stay tuned!

We have already mentioned that it’s better not to put all your new year’s party dresses away – slip into all those sparkles right now! Decide what kind of bling you prefer the most – bags, shoes, jewelry, or…tights? The key is to treat sparkles as if they’re casual, not festive. Implement glitter into your everyday looks like it’s nothing.

Last season, the gloves gently crawled onto the fashion scene in the form of opera gloves as a part of casual outfits. This season, we see all kinds of gloves from designers – with appliques, latex, outdoor-style, decorated with bows and flowers. Check out the Gal glove pattern by Vikisews. Sewn with tulle, these long gloves will look extra elegant.

Flowers are the essence of summer. Today, they don’t also decorate our necks, but appear in the forms of gigantic brooches, shoe, bag, or wrist accessories. Add the Inej top featuring a 3D flower to your wardrobe if you like this trend.

Accessories are key to the polished and finished look. And if you look at the design elements as accessories, the garment on its own can become the look. For example, check the Vikisews dress sewing patterns that are capable of becoming the centerpiece of your summer outfits.

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