Trends that will be dominating in 2024

Trends that will be dominating in 2024

What are we going to wear in 2024? That is the question. Let’s discuss which trends are out and which are going to be very much in the upcoming year.

For instance, all Barbie pink clothes and mermaid-like sparkling stuff won’t be as relevant, we’re seeing the decline of these fashion cores now. However, we are to expect other micro trends next year, but they are unpredictable as it’s always the random video that gets viral and makes everybody rock a new style.

In this digest, we’ll try and predict which styles are going to be trendy in 2024. Keep scrolling!

Officecore is said to be the hottest trend in 2024. Gray suits, ties, white shirts, men’s leather shoes, and other attributes of the office style – wear them outside the office to be extra chic.

The Slavic girl trend blew up the internet this month. This trend suits winter the most and will probably decline later, but it’s huge and super viral right now. Girls wear extravagant fur coats, headscarves, and fur-trimmed hats even if it’s not as cold as in Siberia outside. The trend emerged as the Slavic core but transformed into a Russian bimbo style.

Overalls, aprons, farmer and light-reflecting jackets, tool belts, and other workwear attributes mixed into street-style outfits will be trending next year. Get inspired by the runway looks and implement workwear elements into your everyday looks.

Y2K style keeps on dominating but transforms slightly capturing the aesthetics of the 2010s as well. For instance, now we’re seeing a comeback of capri pants, pencil skirts, and peep-toe shoes.

The old money aka quiet luxury style will be in vogue in 2024 as well. It’s really popular and wearable as it’s elegant, minimalistic, and doesn’t require any big brand logos. This style is primarily manifested by textures and quality – choose cashmere, silk, and other luxury materials to sport the trend.

If you like vintage, 2024 will be the perfect time to flaunt your vintage accessories or style up vintage outfits.

The freshest trend of them all is the ghoul girl trend, also called succubus chic. Stereotypical it-girls aren’t in fashion anymore. Today, traditional glamor is out – fashion reflects the demand for individuality, and that results in goth, grunge, and other dark and sinister aesthetics making it to the top. The beauty industry is catching up as well: we see a lot of thread-thin eyebrows or no brows at all, claw nails, and demonic makeup.

Are you inspired yet? Make your to-sew list for the upcoming year given our little trend review ;)

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