Tory Hat


Tory is a double-sided bucket hat with a wide slanted brim.

Model Veronica: head circumference – 56 cm (22”). Veronica is wearing size 56.

Model Sofia: head circumference – 56 cm (22”). Sofia is wearing size 56.

Approximate sewing time – 4 hours.

To sew this hat, choose fabrics with the following properties:

- heavyweight, structured, soft, without stretch

- the fiber content can include natural fibers (wool, cotton), artificial fibers (viscose), blends (wool + polyester, cotton + viscose, etc.), and synthetics (polyester, polyester + elastane)

- the following fabrics are recommended: faux fur, outerwear fabrics, denim, faux leather.

Attention! We do not recommend stretchy or lightweight fabrics.

The first sample in the photos is made of wool coating. The fabric is medium-weight, non-stretch, structured, with a short pile. The fiber content is a blend of wool and polyester.

The second sample is made of faux fur. The fabric is medium-weight, structured, low-stretch, has a pile of about 5 mm (just under 1/4"), and doesn't wrinkle. The fiber content is 100% polyester.

1. Main fabric, 140–160 cm (55–63”) wide, with a directional print/nap:










IMPORTANT! When purchasing fabric, please account for shrinkage and buy 5% more than required.

2. Matching thread – 1 spool for the sewing machine.

- sewing machine for construction

- stitch-in-the-ditch foot for the sewing machine (optional).



Once the order is paid, within 1 minute you will receive an email with the details of the order and a link to your personal account, where the following will be available for download:

1. The pdf pattern in your chosen size, in the following formats: Letter, A4, A0 and plotter format. The size of the plotter format is indicated in the name of the document. You will need a plotter printer that can print at least 900mm width. Note that for heights 3 and 4 the plotter pattern comes on 2 pages.

2. Detailed instructions which include cutting layouts, construction steps accompanied by photos, as well as instructions on how to work with Vikisews patterns (printing, taping, adjusting, sewing terminology).

If you have any questions, please let us know at

Tory instructions Sample
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