3 tips on how to wear your party and festive clothes casually

3 tips on how to wear your party and festive clothes casually

You’re not planning on putting all your festive-looking clothes away after the holidays, are you? Rewearing clothes is trendy, not to mention it helps you cut back on waste and overconsumption. And yes, sequins will look just right paired up with casual clothes. We’ve got 3 tips for you so you can follow them and create your own fun looks. Shall we begin?

1. Paradoxically, the colder it is outside, the more appropriate festive clothes integrated into casual outfits look

An outfit that features only warm and cozy clothes might look like a boring compromise between beauty and common sense — a dramatic neckline or a trendy mini skirt won’t keep you warm. However, if you carefully combine clothes that look like they are from two different worlds, you’ll get a cohesive outfit that’s both warm and stylish.

For example, a satin or sequined skirt will make a great companion next to a voluminous sweater or cardigan. Plain knits will tone down the sequins, and you’ll get an effortlessly elegant combo. And here is the second tip that follows:

2. Pair your festive clothes with plain and simple ones like knits, denim, etc.

Match a denim jacket with a slip dress, a knit long-sleeve top with a dazzling skirt, or a basic shirt with party pants — all these pairings are possible and appropriate for casual wear.

3. Only one festive clothing item in the outfit

If you don’t want to look a little tacky, use the third simple tip — all the other clothes in your outfit should be casual.

In the warmer seasons, tone down your festive clothes with a plain t-shirt and a pair of sneakers. The handbag and other accessories should be laid-back and minimalistic as well.

That’s it! What an effortless way of supporting the environment, don’t you think?

We hope we’ve inspired you to create new looks. Don’t forget to share your festive and casual outfits created with the Vikisews Patterns!

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