Finishing edges with binding using a cardboard template

Finishing edges with binding using a cardboard template

Here is another easy technique for finishing edges with binding. The first one is in the “How to cut and use bias binding for finishing edges” post. This time, you will need a piece of cardboard!

1️. Use thick paper or cardboard to cut a rectangle that is 5–7 cm (2–2 3/4”) long and as wide as the binding (in our case, it is 4 cm [1 5/8”]).

2️. Fold the edges of the cardboard under by 1 cm (3/8”) and then fold it in half lengthwise.

3️. Apply double-sided tape along the entire length of one long edge of the template.

4️. Unfold the template and glue it to the needle plate,  in front of the presser foot.

5️. Place the right side of the binding on top of the template. Use the folding lines on the template to fold the edges of the binding.

6️. Slip the garment edge inside the template, ensuring it is as close to the center fold (line) of the binding as possible.

7️. Adjust the needle position so that the stitching line goes close to the edge of the binding.

8️. Attach the binding to the garment, machine-stitching at 1 mm from the edge. Ensure the stitching line begins on the garment. Thanks to the template, the binding folds itself, making sewing extremely easy.

Important! When sewing, hold the template rather than pressing it with your fingers. This way, the binding will move easily through it.

This technique saves a lot of sewing time, as no pressing or basting is necessary.

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