How to end the seam when sewing in a circle

How to end the seam when sewing in a circle

Finishing curved edges or sewing in a circle on the overlocker. This post is the last in the how-to series on finishing edges on the overlocker. Browse the previous posts on how to finish outside and inside corners by clicking on the links below the instructions.

1️. Use a low sewing speed and take your time when sewing. Start by sewing 2–3 stitches.

2️. Pause the stitching. Lift the presser foot, slightly rotate the fabric piece, lower the presser foot, and then sew another 2–3 stitches. Pause the sewing, and repeat the previous steps.

If the edge of the fabric piece has a slight curve, you may skip the lifting and lowering of the presser foot. Instead, carefully rotate the fabric piece as you sew.

Important! Place the stitches close to each other. They should not be loose or go off the fabric. To prevent any folds or wrinkles, ensure the fabric does not bulk at the knife.

How to end the seam when sewing in a circle?

3️. Continue sewing on the overlocker. As you make your way back to the start of the seam, pull the thread chain to the right to cut it with the overlocker knife. Pause the stitching. Lower the needles on the overlocker to prevent the fabric piece from shifting. Disengage the knife, following the overlocker instructions.

4️. Resume stitching, and sew for about 1–2 cm (3/8–3/4") over the beginning of the seam.

5️. Lift the presser foot, turn the fabric piece at 90 degrees, lower the presser foot, and then continue stitching, tapering off to create a thread chain. When doing so, ensure the needles no longer pierce the fabric piece.

6️. Secure the seam using one of the following methods:

Tie a knot

Pull on one or two needle threads of the overlocker seam (depending on the seam type). This will make the seam unravel. Tie the threads into a knot, close to the end of the seam and right on the edge of the fabric. Trim the thread ends close to the knot.


Use a latch hook

Working from the wrong side of the seam, slip the latch hook and catch the overlocker threads. Pull them under the stitches and inside the seam.

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