How to finish an outside corner on the overlocker

How to finish an outside corner on the overlocker

Here, we will teach you how to finish an outside corner on the overlocker. Last time we shared two techniques on how to overlock an inside corner. Check it out in case you missed it.

‌There are several ways to finish an outside corner on the overlocker. Here are two main methods.

‌1️. By sewing one continuous seam

Sew along one edge of the piece.

Once you reach the corner, sew 1–2 more stitches past the corner, without piercing the fabric. Pause the stitching.

Lift the presser foot and carefully turn the piece at a 90-degree angle. Ensure the piece is positioned correctly and the needles follow the shape of the corner. Otherwise, you risk misshaping the corner.

Lower the presser foot and resume overlocking along the second side of the corner.

‌Tip: if you notice loose threads at the corner, try sewing just one stitch past the corner. 

2️. By sewing two seams

Sew along the entire length of one long edge of the piece.

Trim the thread ends at the corner end of the piece.

Sew a 7–10 cm (3–4») long thread chain on the overlocker.

Place the piece of fabric under the presser foot and overlock the other side of the corner. This way, the threads of the first seam will be completely covered by the second seam and will not unravel.

Hide (secure) the threads at the beginning of the second seam.

‌How to secure the seam?

Using a latch hook

‌Working from the wrong side of the seam, slip the latch hook at 3–4 cm (1 1/8–1 5/8») from the corner. Catch the overlocker threads and pull them under the stitches and inside the seam.


Tie a knot

‌Pull on one or two needle threads of the overlocker seam (depending on the seam type). This will make the seam unravel. Tie the threads into a knot, close to the end of the seam and right on the edge of the fabric. Trim the thread ends close to the knot.

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