How to work with Bernina's presser feet. Part 2

How to work with Bernina's presser feet. Part 2

Looks like you loved the overview of presser feet for Bernina, part 1. Let's keep on reading then.

Reverse pattern foot with clear sole #34/34C/34D

The reverse pattern foot is suitable for utility and decorative stitches, as well as for straight and zigzag stitches. The clear sole offers a clear view of the needle and stitching area. The red markings allow precise and careful sewing.

Buttonhole foot with slide #3A

The buttonhole foot with slide allows automatic buttonhole sewing with or without cording. The compensation plate (feeding aid) supports the feed and enables optimal sewing results. The plate can also be used for quick scuff or tear mending. Btw, we recently published a post about mending.

Three-sole walking foot with seam guide #50

The three-sole walking foot with seam guide is especially suitable when working with challenging fabrics, ensuring perfect fabric feed. It works perfectly with slippery fabrics, or on the contrary – when sewing “sticky” materials, as well as stretchy fabrics prone to shifting or stretching while sewing. This foot also helps you sew plaids resulting in a perfectly matched pattern. The seam guides help you sew with precision, making quilting really simple. The tool provides support when sewing parallel, decorative seams such as quilting or when stitching along the edge is needed.

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