How to work with Bernina's presser feet

How to work with Bernina's presser feet

Here are some useful types of presser feet for your sewing machine.

Overlock foot #2/2A

No overlocker? This overlock foot neatens the edges on elastic and stretch materials. It is ideal for producing serged seams and hems, as well as for neatening simple seams. The stitches are formed over the pin on the inside edge of the foot, giving them an additional amount of thread. This prevents the fabric from bunching up and produces a flat, elastic seam.

Edgestitch foot #10/10C/10D

The edgestitch foot is a practical help for topstitching edges, pleats, and hems. It is also suited to applying lace and trims, as well as securing seam allowances. The guide blade helps you sew seams and hems running perfectly parallel to the edge.

Zipper foot #4/35

The zipper foot makes the work of inserting zippers neat and precise. Thanks to its toe, the zipper foot can get very close to the zipper coils, resulting in a perfectly inserted zipper.

Binder foot #95/95C and Binder attachment #88

The binder foot is a special presser foot for use in conjunction with binder attachments. The special design of this presser foot supports and facilitates sewing bias binding, resulting in a neat, even-finished edge.

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