How to handle a slit with ease

How to handle a slit with ease

Wondering how to handle a slit with ease? The Vikisews sewing hacks are already here to help!

Make sure there is a 2 cm (3/4”) seam allowance on each side of the slit. If the fabric is heavyweight, increase the seam allowance up to 3 cm (1 1/8”).

How to sew:

  1. Overlock the bottom edge of the garment and press it flat.
  2. Fold the hem allowance under by 2 cm (3/4”) and secure it in place by stitching.
  3. Mark the following:
  • the desired height of the slit from the hem of your garment upwards;
  • 2 cm (3/4”) seam allowance on each side of the slit;
  • a temporary auxiliary mark 2.5−3 cm (1−1 1/8”) above the slit apex;
  • an inclined line from where the lines cross (the boundary of the slit) towards the center of the seam allowance until you reach the auxiliary mark.
  1. Place the pieces right sides together and stitch along the previously marked line, as shown in the video.
  2. At the end of the seam, make a snip, turn the scissors and clip into the seam allowance towards the corner. Then, above the slit, trim the seam allowance by 1 cm (3/8”).
  3. Overlock the seam allowances and press them towards the back.
  4. Press the seam allowances open along the slit, then tuck the side edges and the upper edge inwards by 1 cm (3/8”).
  5. Sew a П-shaped line at 1 mm from the edge, securing the seam allowances in place.
  6. At the slit apex, secure it with a back-and-forth stitch.
  7. Press and steam the slit.

Not quite the classic way, but a simple method for those not chasing after haute couture finishing techniques.

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