How to sew a drawstring casing

How to sew a drawstring casing

A drawstring casing is a popular feature in modern designs. Our #vikisews_sewinghacks tutorial will guide you through the process of creating this versatile detail.

For the casing and drawstrings, you can use the main fabric (like in the video) or purchase ready-made bias tape and cord.

Prepare three fabric strips:

  • One strip for the casing, 3.5−4.5 cm (1 3/8”−1 3/4”) wide and as long as the section you want to gather, plus 2 cm (3/4”) for seam allowances.
  • Two strips for the drawstrings, 1.5−2 cm (5/8”−3/4”) wide, and 5 cm (2”) longer than the casing strip.

How to assemble?

  1. Fold each strip in half lengthwise, wrong side in, and press to create a center crease.
  2. Unfold each strip and press the long edges towards the center on the wrong side of the fabric. The casing piece is now ready.
  3. Further prepare the drawstring pieces by folding them again along the center crease and pressing along their entire length.
  4. Secure both edges of each drawstring together by edgestitching. Press the seams.
  5. Mark the casing center (height) and its end on the wrong side of the garment.
  6. Place the casing over the center mark facing down. Its end should overlap the end mark by 1 cm (3/8”).
  7. Place the drawstrings on top of the casing. Secure them in place with three stitching lines, one over the other, in one go, with a 1 cm (3/8”) seam allowance.
  8. Fold the casing, covering the seam allowances. Spread the drawstrings apart. Stitch along the center line of the casing, thus attaching it to the garment. At the end of the seam, turn 1 cm (3/8”) seam allowances inwards.
  9. Place the drawstrings inside the casing, close to the center seam.
  10. Edgestitch on each side of the casing, creating channels for the drawstrings. Important! While sewing, make sure the drawstrings do not get caught in the seam.
  11. Finish the drawstring ends with special tips or by folding them twice and stitching.

The drawstring feature can be applied to all kinds of garments. Check out the Vikisews sewing patterns to find an appropriate one.

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