How to sew an elastic sleeve hem

How to sew an elastic sleeve hem

It’s trendy to wear a puffy sleeve gathered at the bottom with elastic. Let’s check out how to attach it in this Vikisews sewing hacks post.

To sew it, leave a 5 mm (just under 1/4”) hem allowance at the bottom of the sleeve.

1️. Fold the sleeve piece right sides in, align the side edges, and stitch them on a sewing machine.

2️. Overlock the seam allowance. Press the seam flat and then press it to the back of the sleeve.

3️. Take a 1.5−2.5 cm (5/8”−1”) wide piece of elastic. Determine the length by trying it on your wrist — it should fit snugly without being too tight. Add 2 cm (3/4”) for the seam allowance.

4️. Join the elastic ends, overlapping them by 1 cm (3/8”), to create a loop. Stitch them with a stretch stitch on a sewing machine.

5️. Place the sleeve with the right side facing you. Fold it in half lengthwise, using the seam as a guide. Mark the center of the sleeve.

6️. Mark the center of the elastic as well.

7️. Place the elastic to the right side of the sleeve. Align the seams on the elastic and the sleeve. Match the center marks.

8️. Evenly distribute the elastic around the bottom edge of the sleeve. Stretch the elastic and pin it to the sleeve between the center marks. You can use more pins to make it more even.

9️. Stitch the elastic to the sleeve at 5 mm (just under 1/4») from the bottom edge. Keep the elastic facing up, stretching it between the reference marks. It is essential that the bottom edges of the elastic and the sleeve are aligned.

1️0. Fold the elastic over to the wrong side of the sleeve. Smooth out the seam carefully. The elastic should fit snugly against the bottom edge of the sleeve, leaving no gap.

1️1. Secure the elastic to the sleeve with another seam, stitching at 1-2 mm from its upper edge. Stretch the elastic evenly while sewing.

Thus, you will get a nice and stretchy finish.

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