How to sew a lined patch pocket

How to sew a lined patch pocket

How about a new take on a lined patch pocket? A fresh Vikisews sewing tutorial is here for you!

1️. Place the pocket lining to the top edge of your garment, right at the pocket entry. Let the lining overlap the marked pocket line by about 1 cm (3/8”). Stitch in place, leaving 1 cm (3/8”) on each side of the lining unstitched.

2️. Starting from the center of the marked pocket, cut towards the corners in all directions on the main garment piece.

3️. Place the patch pocket piece right sides together with the garment, overlapping the marked pocket line by 1 cm (3/8”), and stitch along all the edges.

4️. Turn the lining to the wrong side of the garment piece, covering the pocket.

5️. Stitch along all sides of the pocket from the wrong side, securing the pre-trimmed edges to the main garment. Give it a press.

6️. On the wrong side, trim the excess fabric off the main garment piece so that the edges are aligned with the pocket lining.

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