How to sew a thumbhole cuff

How to sew a thumbhole cuff

A thumbhole cuff is a great way to spice up your plain sweatshirt or hoodie. Try out this new tutorial from the Vikisews sewing hacks series.

For our example in size 42: 

  • The main cuff piece is 18 cm (7 1/8”) high and 25 cm (9 7/8”) wide, both measurements including seam allowances.
  • The thumbhole is positioned at 4.5 cm (1 3/4") from the edge.
  • The rectangular insert measures 8x3.5 cm (3 1/8×1 3/8”).

Sewing steps:

1️. Fold the insert piece (rectangle) in half, with the right side facing out, and press in place. 

2️. Lay the insert onto the right side of the cuff piece, aligning the raw edges along the opening and the bottom edges. Cover the insert with the other side of the cuff. 

3️. Sew along the opening on your sewing machine, finishing the stitch at the rounded end on the opposite side. 

4️. Turn the cuff right side out and place the second side of the insert in between the cuff layers on the other side of the slit. 

5️. Fold the cuff piece away partially and sew along the remaining unstitched section of the opening. Press well. 

6️. Fold the cuff in half right sides together, align the side edges, and sew a seam all the way down. 

  1. Attach the cuff to your garment. 

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