How to sew a yoke on a shirt

How to sew a yoke on a shirt

Sewing a yoke on a shirt – a new easy sewing tutorial for you to save.

1️. Form the pleats on the back piece according to the pattern markings. Pin or hand-baste.

2️. Place the back piece in between the back yoke pieces, so that the right side of the yokes faces the back piece. Align the bottom edges of the yokes with the top edge of the back piece. Match the notches and pin. Machine-stitch with backstitches.

3️. Press the seam flat. Press the seam allowances open.

4️. Fold the yoke pieces upwards, over the seam allowances, and press.

5️. Place the outer yoke and the front right sides together. Align the shoulder edges and pin.

6️. Place the pieces in such a way, so that the shoulder edge of the front is in between the shoulder edges of the yoke pieces. Align the edges, pin, and machine-stitch with backstitches.

7️. Press the seam flat.

8️. Turn the garment right side out. The seam allowances will be enclosed.

9️. Press the seam.

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