How to sew topstitched waistband

How to sew topstitched waistband

Let’s sew an unusual topstitched waistband for a pair of tracksuit trousers!

1️. Use tailor’s chalk to make marks 3 cm (1 1/8") apart along the top folded edge of the waistband.

2️. Mark along the bottom edge of the waistband the same way. Connect the markings into a continuous zigzag line.

3️. Join the ends of the elastic and stitch to secure. Place the elastic inside the waistband, positioning it as close to the waistband foldline as possible. Secure the elastic inside the waistband by stitching along the seam allowance with a straight stitch.

4️. Distribute the elastic evenly inside the waistband. Machine-stitch following the zigzag marking with one continuous seam. When stitching, pull on the waistband piece underneath the presser foot. This prevents the elastic from twisting when wearing the garment.

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