How to turn a hole into a style statement

How to turn a hole into a style statement

Got a pesky hole in your favorite piece of clothing? Here’s a quick DIY fix to not only repair it but make it look stylish:

  1. Start by marking the design you want around the hole on your item. Inside this design, draw some crosswise lines so that the hole ends up between the lines.
  2. Prep the backside. Attach a piece of cotton fabric to the wrong side of your garment and pin it in place.
  3. Using embroidery thread, hand-sew along the marked lines with a backstitch.
  4. Carefully make small cuts between the lines and trim away any excess fabric close to your stitching.

And hey, this technique also works wonders for patching up kids’ ripped knees – they’ll be the trendiest kids on the block!

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