How to create holes for lacing

How to create holes for lacing

Do you like the way the slit on the sleeve of the Fern jacket looks like? This interesting detail can be added to any garment. Today, as part of our Vikisews sewing hacks, we are sharing two ways of adding grommets for threading a cord through them.

Technique no.1 — by setting grommets using a press tool

1️. Working from the wrong side, interface the grommet placement area of the garment piece.

2️. Follow the grommet marking to punch holes using a hole puncher or an awl.

3️. Insert the barrel (male part) of the grommet through the hole from the right side of the fabric. Working from the wrong side, place the washer (female part) over the barrel. Set the grommet using a press tool.

Technique no.2 — by hand-sewing an eyelet (using matching thread)

1️. Mark the eyelet placement with a circle that has a 6–8 mm (1/4"–just under 3/8") diameter.

2️. Stitch on the sewing machine over the marking using a 1 mm stitch length.

3️. Punch a hole inside the circle.

4️. Use denim topstitching thread to sew the stitches in a circle as follows:

  • Push the needle from the inner edge of the circle and into the fabric about 1 mm above the machine stitches. Leave a 3–4 cm (1 1/8–1 5/8") thread tail.
  • Sew the first stitch by guiding the needle through the first hole, ensuring you hold the thread tail securely. Wrap the thread behind the needle as the needle goes in and again as the needle leaves the fabric.
  • Pull through to create a knot, positioning it on the very edge of the inner circle.
  • Continue sewing in a circle, repeating the steps described above.
  • Pull the thread to the wrong side, hide the tails underneath the stitches, and then trim them off.
  • Punch the hole with a pencil to make the edges even.

Enjoy this stylish element!

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