How to make tabs and epaulettes

How to make tabs and epaulettes

Here’s another simple idea to jazz up your garment, be it a shirt, blouse, jacket, or trench coat. Add this quick tutorial on crafting a cool tab, strap or epaulette to your saved posts.

1️. Cut out a rectangle that’s twice the length of the piece. The rectangle’s width should be the desired width of the tab or strap plus 2 cm (3/4”) for seam allowances.

2️. Press the seam allowances of the long sides by 1 cm (3/8”) to the wrong side.

3️. Fold the piece in half lengthwise and press to create a crease at the center.

4️. Open the piece up, fold it wrong sides together at the center, and stitch a center line.

5️. Open the piece up again, shape a corner at the seam by folding the piece wrong sides together, and press it down.

6️. Stitch all around the perimeter, joining the two sides at 1−2 mm from the edge.

7️. Give your finished piece a final press.

The beauty of this is you don’t have to struggle with flipping tiny pieces right side out or shaping perfect corners.

Gonna give it a shot?

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